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the band

Today's band members are:

John Roderick |  Eric Corson

John Roderick

Vocals, guitar, piano/keyboard; songwriter.
John is the founder of the band, in fact it can be said that John is the band. Along the way he has played with a range of people, but John Roderick solo is as much The Long Winters as is a full stage with horn players, gogo dancers and roadies prepping the tambourine.

Former bands
Harvey Danger: keyboards on tour in 2000
Western State Hurricanes: vocals, guitar; 1997-1999.
Bun Family Players: vocals, guitar; 1995-1997

Eric Corson

Bass, backing vox.
Eric was present from the second Long Winters show, and has been part of the band ever since, a record breaking feat which only occasionally shows, when he grows a beard. After Sean left the band, he took over backing vocals - although he leaves the banter mostly to John.

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