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Under the influences

Los Angeles Times - Buzz Bands, 18 September 2003

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    John Roderick did his first album at age 32 and his second at 34, so he's only facing facts when he wryly notes, "My days of pop stardom pinup model were over before they started." But that sophomore effort - "When I Pretend to Fall," by his Seattle band, the Long Winters - suggests that his days of making startlingly fresh pop may only be beginning. Full of sweetness and sorrow, melody and melodrama and seasoned with strings, horns and lyrical bite, "Pretend" makes up for lost time. "If there's a feeling of kitchen-sinkness to the record, it's because I have 10 or 15 years of wanting to make records, and 10 or 15 years of influences," Roderick says. "So how do you make a Motown record that sounds like the Cure but has those Built to Spill things about it?" Well, you take a lineup of Sean Nelson, Eric Corson and Michael Shilling, mix in some other heavyweights - Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey and Jon Auer all contribute - and stir. The quartet plays tonight at Spaceland.

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