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Many of these setlists and links come from past conversations in The Long Winters Elec-tronic Salon and Discussion Table and the library is most obliged to everyone who posted them.

A complete list of all past concerts can be found in the historical geography section.


Jan 20 2006, Seattle WA - Sunset Tavern
setlist included Carparts; John solo, Carparts with Eric Corson (bass), Chris Walla (guitar) and Ben Gibbard (drums)
photos by Laura

Mar 16-20 2006, Austin TX - SXSW
preview by See You In The Pit |  little blurb of a review on

Mar 16, 4pm (1-7pm);   Austin, TX - 10th Annual SXEast
photos by Krissy T

Mar 17, 5pm (4-5.30pm);   Austin, TX - End of an Ear
John sang backings on What Is Your Secret with Nada Surf's Matthew Caws
video of What Is Your Secret

May 9 2006;   London, UK - Borderline
Pushover, Cinnamon, Scared Straight, Hindsight, It'll be a Breeze, Honest, encore: Shapes; John solo

May 16 2006;   Brussels, Belgium - Ab Box
ultimatum, pushover, cinnamon, scared straight, honest, wise up (Aimee Mann cover), it'll be a breeze (request), blue diamonds (on piano), the commander thinks aloud (on piano); John solo

May 18 2006;   Rotterdam, NL - Rotown
Pushover, Cinnamon, It'll be a breeze, Stupid (by request), Scent of Lime (by request), Wise Up, Ultimatum, Blue Diamonds, The Commander Thinks Aloud; John solo
photos by Monika Gaubinger |  photos by Liesbeth Rijnierse

May 20 2006:   Heythuysen, NL - Tom Tom
Ultimatum, Pushover, Cinnamon, Scared straight, Honest, Wise up, Carparts (by request), Hindsight (by request), The Commander Thinks Aloud (with Centro-matic) ; John solo
photos by Monika Gaubinger |  photos by Liesbeth Rijnierse

May 21 2006;   Utrecht, NL - Tivoli de Helling
Pushover, Mimi (by request), [Bride & Bridle attempt], Medicine Cabinet Pirate (request), Scared Straight, Honest, Cinnamon, Unsalted Butter (request), The Commander Thinks Aloud (w/ Centro-Matic); John solo
photos by Monika Gaubinger |  photos by Liesbeth Rijnierse

May 23 2006;   Darmstadt, Germany - Oetinger Villa
stupid (request), pushover, cinnamon, unsalted butter (request), nora (request, on piano), blue diamonds (on piano), honest, it'll be a breeze (request); John solo

May 24 2006;   Winterthur, Switzerland - Gaswerk
It'll Be A Breeze, Pushover, Cinnamon, Scared Straight, Stupid (by request), Honest, Scent of Lime (request), Blue Diamonds (on keys, request), Nora (on keys, request), The Commander Thinks Aloud (with Centro-Matic); John solo

21 Jul 2006, Seattle WA - KEXP in-studio
Pushover, Fire Island AK, Teaspoon, Honest, Ultimatum (acoustic version), Clouds, Seven, Carparts; first 4 songs broadcast live, whole set with interview available as KEXP podcast
direct link to KEXP podcast, 81,4 MB

21 Jul 2006, Seattle WA - The End in-studio
Pushover, (It's a) Departure

21 Jul 2006, Portland OR - Doug Fir
review on PodBop

22 Jul 2006;   Seattle, WA - Neumo's
Fire Island, Pushover, Teaspoon, Hindsight, Cinnamon, Scared Straight, Ultimatum (acoustic version), Honest, false start > New Girl, Rich Wife, Delicate Hands, Blue Diamonds, Give Me A Moment, Car Parts, Scent of Lime, Shapes, (It's a) Departure, The Commander Thinks Aloud; CD release party
photos by Chad |  photos by Heather Christianson

25 Jul 2006;   Seattle, WA - Sonic Boom
Ultimatum (acoustic version), Clouds, Seven, Honest, Hindsight, Stupid, Shapes, Pushover
photos by Laura

25 Jul 2006;   Seattle, WA - EasyStreet
Fire Island AK, Teaspoon, Hindsight, The Sound of Coming Down, Pushover, 'no wrong notes in jazz' jam, Honest, Seven, (rock) Ultimatum, Rich Wife, Scent of Lime, Bride and Bridle
Pushover on YouTube | photos by Laura

8 Aug 2006;   New York, NY - Mercury Lounge
Fire Island AK, Rich Wife, Pushover, Cinnamon, Teaspoon, Hindsight, Honest, (It's a) Departure
photos by Elizabeth Weinberg

9 Aug 2006;   New York, NY - Other Music instore
setlist included: The Commander Thinks Aloud, Pushover; John solo acoustic, with Matthew Caws of Nada Surf on guitar and backing vox
photos by Elizabeth Weinberg

11 August 2006, Seattle WA - KUOW Radio, The Beat
Seven, Clouds, Teaspoon; John Roderick and Eric Corson acoustic

13 Aug 2006;   Seattle, WA - KEXP BBQ
stupid, teaspoon, rich wife, shapes, pushover, delicate hands, blue diamonds, fire island ak, carparts (by request instead of hindsight), the sound of coming down, (it's a) departure, encore (all by request): 30 seconds of mimi, cinnamon, medicine cabinet pirate
photos by Gregory Perez |  - by bijoubaby |  - by Eric |  review on Seattlest

23 Aug 2006;   New York, NY - Beacon Theater
ultimatum, pushover, the commander thinks aloud; John solo
video of pushover on stereogum |  review on |  photos by Kathryn Yu

24 Aug 2006;   Chicago, IL - Park West
Pushover, Ultimatum, Honest, The Commander Thinks Aloud; John solo
video of banter and Honest and video of John and Ben Gibbard's cover of Porcupine Pie by Alice Chou |  photos by Alice Chou |  photos by Blank Campbell

30 Aug 2006;   Antwerpen, Belgium - TRIX
promo performance included: Blue Diamonds, The Commander Thinks Aloud; John solo
watch video of Blue Diamonds |  hear The Commander in the TRIX MySpace music player

2 Sep 2006;   Munich, Germany - Zerwirk, Schweine am Samstag clubnight
Cinnamon, Scared Straight, Fire Island, Shapes, Honest, Pushover, Unsalted Butter, Stupid, Medicine Cabinet Pirate, Seven, encore: The Commander Thinks Aloud; John solo
photos on 'Schweine' website |  photos by Monika Gaubinger

3 Sep 2006;   Barcelona, Spain - Heliogabal
photos by Dani

8 Sep 2006;   San Francisco, CA - Fillmore
Clouds, Honest, Cinnamon, Scared Straight, Blue Diamonds, Teaspoon, Hindsight, Fire Island AK, Pushover

11 Sep 2006;   San Diego, CA - Casbah
preview on SignOnSanDiego

12 Sep 2006;   PHOENIX, AZ - Stinkweeds Record Store
possibly not in order: ultimatum, blue diamonds, carparts, cinnamon, rich wife, pushover acoustic set

15 Sep 2006;   DENTON, TX - Rubber Gloves
setlist included (not in order): Pushover, Fire Island AK, Teaspoon, Hindsight, Honest, Clouds, Rich Wife, (rock) Ultimatum, (It's a) Departure, blues jam

16 Sep 2006;   AUSTIN, TX - Austin City Limits Festival
setlist included: Hindsight (opening song), Teaspoon, Fire Island AK, Pushover, Honest
review in Austin Chronicle

19 Sep 2006;   Houston, TX - Sugar Hill Studios
session broadcast on KPFT 90.1 FM, Radioactive, 29 September 2006
Sway (Rolling Stones cover)*, Hindsight, Teaspoon, Carparts, Honest, Fire Island AK, Shapes*, The Commander Thinks Aloud, Ultimatum (acoustic) | * recorded but not broadcast

19 Sep 2006;   HOUSTON, TX - Walter's On Washington
setlist included (not in order): Nora, Stupid, Shapes, Blue Diamonds, Cinnamon, Pushover, Teaspoon, Hindsight, Ultimatum, Seven, Honest, The Commander Think Aloud; King of Carrot Flowers (John solo)

20 Sep 2006;   New Orleans, LA - One Eyed Jacks
Bride & Bridle (John & Eric stripped down, by request), Seven, Rich Wife, Scared Straight, Cinnamon, Honest (request), Delicate Hands, Commander Thinks Aloud (request), [Blues Jam of sorts fitting for NOLA], Stupid (request), Teaspoon, New Girl (request) | planned setlist: Seven, Rich Wife, Scared Straight, Cinnamon, Honest, Delicate Hands, Teaspoon, It's a Departure
photo by Molly

23 Sep 2006;   Carrboro, NC - Local 506
not completely in order: Clouds, Seven, Honest, Fire Island AK, Pushover, Rich Wife, Teaspoon, Scared Straight, Hindsight, Cinnamon, New Girl, Blue Diamonds, The Commander Thinks Aloud, Unsalted Butter, The Sound of Coming Down (request), Carparts (request), (It's a) Departure, Bride and Bridle, Mimi

27 Sep 2006;   Baltimore, MD - Sonar
setlist included: Seven, It's a Departure, Ultimatum (rock show version), The Commander Thinks Aloud, Prom Night at Hater High, Blue Diamonds, Shapes, Cinnamon, Rich Wife, Nora, Honest, Hindsight, Pushover, Fire Island, Delicate Hands, Carparts, Scared Straight, plus little bits of 80s metal
photos by Ryan |  photos by Tim Heaney

28 Sep 2006;   Philadelphia, PA - World Cafe Live
not in order except first and last song: Clouds, Carparts, Medicine Cabinet Pirate, Blue Diamonds, Scared Straight, Cinnamon, Stupid, New Girl, The Commander Thinks Aloud, Ultimatum (EP Version), Delicate Hands, Pushover, Fire Island AK, Teaspoon, Hindsight, Honest, Rich Wife, Seven, Improv Blues Jam, (It's A) Departure
preview in Philadelphia Weekly

29 Sep 2006;   New York, NY - WNYC
live broadcast for WNYC's Soundcheck show
Honest, Teaspoon

29 Sep 2006;   New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
not in order except first and last song: It's a Departure, Stupid, Pushover, Fire Island AK, Teaspoon, Hindsight, Honest, Clouds, Rich Wife, Ultimatum (EP version), Delicate Hands, Seven, Blue Diamonds, Scared Straight, Shapes, Cinnamon, New Girl, The Sound of Coming Down, Carparts, Medicine Cabinet Pirate, Bullshit Blues in A, Jazz Jam (initiated when John accidentally pressed a button on the keyboard starting a funky beat of some sort - "there are no wrong notes in jazz!"), The Commander Thinks Aloud
preview in New York Press |  video of Blues Jam in A |  photos by Elizabeth Weinberg |  photos by Kathryn Yu | photos by Rachel

30 Sep 2006;   BOSTON, MA - Harper's Ferry
Rich Wife, Shapes, (It's A) Departure, Carparts, Honest, New Girl, Hindsight, Scared Straight, Cinnamon, Nora (John on piano), Blue Diamonds, Improv Jazz Jam, Stupid, Fire Island AK, Pushover, Unsalted Butter, Medicine Cabinet Pirate
bootleg audience recording
photo by Susan Kaup |  photos by poetwee

4 Oct 2006;   Toronto, Canada - Lee's Palace
Clouds, Seven, Teaspoon, Stupid, Hindsight, Carparts, Honest, New Girl, Everything Is Talking (partial tease), Nora, Delicate Hands, Fire Island AK, Shapes, (It's A) Departure, Prom Night At Hater High, Scared Straight, Cinnamon, Pushover, Bullshit blues jam, Blue Diamonds, The Commander Thinks Aloud, Give Me A Moment, Mimi, Ultimatum
bootleg audience recording; video
review on |  photos by David Topping

6 Oct 2006;   CHICAGO, IL - Subterranean
setlist included: Fire Island AK, Scared Straight, Stupid, Ultimatum

7 Oct 2006;   MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Triple Rock
setlist included: Shapes

12 Oct 2006;   Los Angeles, CA - Spaceland
incomplete setlist, not in order: "they played just about everything off the new record", Ultimatum (acoustic version), The Commander Thinks Aloud, Scared Straight, Carparts, Cinnamon, Delicate Hands, New Girl

13 Oct 2006;   San Francisco, CA - Cafe du Nord
possibly slightly out of order: Fire Island AK, Teaspoon, Carparts, Hindsight, New Girl, Honest, Scent of Lime, Stupid, Delicate Hands (John piano), Blue Diamonds (John piano), Pushover, Cinnamon, Scared Straight, (It's a) Departure, Seven, Rich Wife, Prom Night at Hater High, Ultimatum, Clouds, The Commander Thinks Aloud
photos by Gaelen | photos by Charlie Wright

30 Oct 2006;   Utrecht (NL) - Ekko
jam, cinnamon, fire island ak, rich wife, shapes, clouds, honest, blue diamonds (john piano), the commander (john piano), teaspoon, carparts, stupid, (it's a) departure, prom night at hater high, pushover, 'quiet' ultimatum (drummer's choice)
review on Kindamuzik Nederlands |  photos by Annelies Eenhoorn |  photos by Jelmer de Haas

31 Oct 2006;   Hamburg (D) - Grüner Jäger
Shapes, Teaspoon, Carparts, Cinnamon, Stupid, Hindsight, Fire Island, Delicate Hands, Blue Diamonds, Ultimatum ("soft" version), Clouds, It'll be a Breeze, Seven, Rich Wife, Prom Night At Hater High, (It's A) Departure; Sky Is Open (acoustic!), Nora

3 Nov 2006;   Amsterdam (NL) - Paradiso
Fire Island AK, Teaspoon, ["hardcore version of Shapes"], Shapes, [one-second blues, cut off by John when it lasted more than one second], Hindsight, Honest, Scent of Lime, Delicate hands (John piano), Blue diamonds (John piano), Carparts, Cinnamon, Scared straight, Pushover, Sound of coming down, [jazzy blues jam], Stupid, Rich wife, Departure, "encores" for which they didn't actually leave": It'll be a Breeze (John solo acoustic, with Eric backing vox), Mimi (John acoustic, w/Eric backings and bass), Clouds, Seven, Commander (J. piano), Nora (J. piano), 'hard' Ultimatum (rock won the vote), Medicine Cabinet Pirate

7 Nov 2006;   Rotterdam (NL) - Ahoy
Blue Diamonds, Fire Island AK, Teaspoon, Cinnamon, Honest, Hindsight, The Commander Thinks Aloud, Pushover, Rich Wife

10 Nov 2006;   Kopenhagen (DK) - KB Hallen
photos by Patrick Ryming | photos by Laurenz

12 Nov 2006;   Stockholm (S) - Annex
setlist included: The Commander Thinks Aloud, with Tim Rice-Oxley of Keane on keyboards
excerpt of The Commander Thinks Aloud on YouTube

18 Nov 2006;   Munich (D) - Orangehouse
first 4 and last 5 songs in order: Carparts, Teaspoon, Fire Island AK, Hindsight, Pushover, Scared Straight, Cinnamon, Delicate Hands, Blue Diamonds, The Commander Thinks Aloud, It'll Be A Breeze, Ultimatum (soft), Shapes, Honest, Hot For Teacher, Stupid, New Girl, (It's a) Departure; Clouds, Nora, Rich Wife, Prom Night at Hater High

19 Nov 2006;   Vienna (A) - Flex
tuning jazz odyssey, Carparts, Fire Island, Scared Straight, Cinnamon, Honest, Clouds, Seven, Delicate Hands, Blue Diamonds, The Commander Thinks Aloud, Stupid, Hindsight, Shapes, Pushover, (It's a) Departure, encore: It'll Be a Breeze, Nora, Rich Wife, Stairway to Heaven, Ultimatum, Prom Night at Hater High

21 Nov 2006;   Bielefeld (D) - Kamp
Carparts, Teaspoon, Fire Island AK, Honest, Stupid, Seven, Clouds, Delicate Hands (John on piano) Blue Diamonds (John on piano), Commander (John on piano), Cinnamon, Scared Straight, Hindsight (Eric's request), Pushover, Rich Wife, (It's a) Departure, (if we would do encores we'd leave now cigarettes break), It'll Be A Breeze (John & Eric only), New Girl, Prom Night at Hater High
review on Gaesteliste Deutsch

24 Nov 2006;   Antwerpen (B) - Trix
Funk jam (inspired by the house music), Intro to 'Walk this way', It'll be a breeze, Teaspoon, Shapes, Blue Diamonds, Delicate Hands, Cinnamon, Hard rock Ultimatum, Carparts, Fire Island AK, Pushover, Jam while John went to ask Danielson if they could play another song, The Commander Thinks Aloud

30 Nov 2006;   Seattle, WA - University of Washington (HUB)
carparts, fire island AK, blue diamonds, the commander thinks aloud, teaspoon, honest, pushover, (it's a) departure
review on soundonthesound and photos by soundonthesound |  photos by bijou |  photo by Gregory Perez |  photos by kevlar_soul

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