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December 2009
New Long Winters website online
This Current Affairs section of the Library will see very few updates from now on. Why? Because the official Long Winters website has been completely revamped and updated. So if you want to know all about John Roderick's compendium of Twitter posts Electric Aphorisms, his collaboration with Canadian singer-songwriter Kathleen Edwards, or the Long Winters' contribution to the GIVE charity compilation? Head over to, or straight to the news page.

ps: The Library has suffered a bit from your librarian's involvement with the official website. But who knows, perhaps the Library will be up to speed again by the time the new Long Winters album is out. When that is? The official site will let you know...

19 May 2009, YouTube
13 Songs with John Roderick
YouTube is the home of a series of quasi-weekly updates with John on the progress he's making on the upcoming Long Winters album. Watch the first episode, featuring John's brand new white picket fence.
And Stereogum recently had a written progress report on the new album.

9 December 2008, from Barsuk, Facebook, everywhere!
Live at the Showbox DVD released
Today Dorsia Films releases the DVD registration of the Long Winters' show at Seattle's Showbox venue in April 2007. With Dolby 5.1 surround sound, and featuring bonus commentary by John Roderick and The Long Winters, and a preview of the forthcoming Long Winters documentary, this new DVD has been eagerly awaited. Limited edition, so check out the details in the Complete Works wing, or order it straightaway from Barsuk.

If you insist on a real live experience, John and Eric will take part in a benefit evening featuring the Who's Quadrophenia in its entirety, at the Tractor Tavern on Saturday 13 December. Or you can sit on Santa John's lap again at the Imaginary Holiday Party.

29 June, from Facebook
Long Winters Facebook page brings new song material
The Long Winters now have a Facebook page, which is updated very regularly. With new dates, such as a 4th of July all ages live performance for Seattle music station The End and an all-grunge, all-vinyl dj set by John Roderick and Nabil Ayers on July 7th at Linda's Tavern in Seattle. And, yes, a tune called 'No Wrong Notes (In Jazz)' has been added to the Facebook Music Player.

If Myspace is your social network site of choice, you will be pleased to know that the Long Winters Myspace page has regular updates of Long Winters news also, although no new song material has popped up there yet.

18 June, from MySpace
Live radio performance in Portland, OR
John Roderick has been added to the bill for Live Wire this Saturday, June 21st. Live Wire is a variety show for Oregon Public Radio, and tickets are only $15. John will be performing solo, and promises to debut some brand new, never-before-heard songs rehearsed for the forthcoming Long Winters LP.

5 June 2008, from Spin Magazine
Exclusive: Long Winters to Record New Album this Summer
In an interview with Spin Magazine John Roderick announced that the Long Winters are going to record a new album this summer. The album should get a release in early 2009. Listen to the interview, in which John also talks about his new writing methods, on the Spin website.

This summer the band will do a few shows on the West coast and one in New York: details can be found in the performing arts section of the Library.

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