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This site aims to be a resource for those seeking more in-depth information about The Long Winters, John Roderick's band from Seattle WA, USA. This band is much talked about, and its founding father can be quite talkative himself. Much of this information is hidden within those vast stretches of webspace out there, or yellowing on paper, about to be recycled. Moreover some of the more readily available information was somewhat outdated at the time of foundation of this library. Thusly this site came into being.

This site hopefully helps you find more information on past and present goings on in the world of the wonderful 'river otters of rock'.

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Although the utmost care has been taken to credit library items to their rightful owners, please contact the librarian if you feel your copyright has been infringed upon.

If you have items to add to the collection, or would like to make suggestions for new wings, the librarian will warmly welcome your input.

Your librarian is very grateful to Chris Hamilton, Jason Moore, John Roderick, Laura Musselman, Litsa Dremousis, Marcia Roderick, Merlin Mann, Moni Gaubinger, Ryan Schierling, Taylor Dahlin, William Anthony and everyone who ever posted useful information on the forum.

Yours sincerely,
with rock,

Liesbeth Rijnierse
your librarian

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