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A listing of new additions to this library site.
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new library site
Since the establishment of The Long Winters Library & Archive in 2004 this was the hub of filing activity. However, this site has its flaws in displaying the wealth of information it holds. Indeed, since all the filing was done manually, many new items were piling up while your Librarian was dreaming of a snazzy new filing system. At last, here it is: a new Library building to do The Long Winters collection justice.

For now it will hold only the performing arts section and the reading room, and large parts of these two collections still have to be moved from here. But when all this has been done, these collections should be complete again, including all the old interviews to which dead links do not lead you anymore on the interwebs! (July 2011)

complete works
The works are fairly complete again, with the Connection in Nashville split single, Led Zep / Sweetheart / GIVE Seattle comps and some old stuff added. (December 2010)

reading room
John has recently picked his Reverb blog where it left off in 2008. And inspired by this, at last some long-needed filing of interviews and features is done in the Reading Room section. Where time allows, the text of the interview is stored as well: a work in progress. (September 2010)

performing arts
Setlists and links of the 'Sasquatch' mini-tour added as they come in. (May 2010)

performing arts
Setlists and links of recent solo shows added, including link to great sounding live recording. Upcoming shows added. (April 2010)

current affairs
New Long Winters website launched. (December 2009)

performing arts
Setlists of recent solo shows added. (December 2009)

performing arts
Setlists and reviews of recent festival shows added. Upcoming solo shows added. (October 2009)

complete works
Bunch of reviews added to Putting the Days to Bed review section (September 2009)

complete works
Soundtrack to Wim Wenders' 2008 film Palermo Shooting added to compilation section (August 2009)

website printing
Style sheet added to the website design, so menu and sidebar won't show up when printing pages (August 2009)

performing arts
Several upcoming festival dates and the setlist to a short secret show (July 2009)

NEW: who's who
A brand new wing, with band members past and present, biographies and bandpages (June 2009)

news section
Album progress reports on YouTube and in Stereogum. (May 2009)

new library building
A new website design. For easier browsing of the different library wings, and easier maintenance of this archive. (May 2009)

singles section
Promo singles added to the complete works wing (April 2009)

current affairs
The Live at the Showbox DVD came out today, in glorious Dolby 5.1 surround sound. Plus news of some end of year appearances of various band members. (Dec 2008)

performing arts
The Long Winters are the musical guests for the Live Wire! Wordstock Extravaganza IV in Portland and John Roderick will appear solo on an evening with John Hodgman, Jonathan Coulton and Sena Nelson.

performing arts
The Long Winters will visit Spain for some shows, including the Placa Reyal stage at the 5-day BAM Festival in Barcelona.

current affairs
The new Facebook Long Winters page brings news of a 4th of July performance and a new tune called 'No Wrong Notes (In Jazz)'

current affairs
News about the recording of a new album this Summer and the announcement of a live radio performance on Saturday 21 June.

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