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1 March 2008, from the Librarian
The Long Winters pop up everywhere
The past half year the Long Winters have made appearances here and there and everywhere, so it's high time the library catches up.

The Long Winters have appeared on a number of compilations, for example: a cd from the Free Yr Radio benefit, a KEXP live compilation and Peace On Earth, a Christmas benefit comp from Hard To Find A Friend. In October 2007 Intramural released their album This Is A Landslide, for which John Roderick sang the vocals on one song. And in February 2008, the Burn to Shine Seattle DVD was released, which captured how 14 Seattle acts gathered in a house on a single day to each play one song.

Not many shows at the moment, but you can watch a preview of the Long Winters Live at the Showbox DVD on the Dorsiafilms website. And if you are eager to read what John is up to, or whatever else is on his mind, be sure to check out his new Seattle Weekly blog every Monday.

16 June 2007, from John Roderick on MSNBC
Bonnaroo, Music, Heat And Craziness From Tennessee
John Roderick is once again blogging about the Bonnaroo Festival, this year for MSNBC. After a delayed start he's posting entries almost every hour - clearly a 24 hour journey is not stopping him from speaking his mind. Highly Library Recommended reading.
John's 2006 Bonnaroo blog is linked to in the Writings by the band section of the Library's Reading Room.

25 April 2007, from Jonathan Rothman on MySpace
Hello Toronto - FREE SHOW Thursday, May 3rd / What's left...
Two MySpace blog entrances by Jonathan, one about a live show for television recording in Toronto, and one about the post-American tour gap. Will someone get this guy a drink?

26 January 2007, from John Roderick in the Salon
American tour dates
Several dates for American Long Winters shows showed up on venue websites, and John Roderick was kind enough to post an unofficial list of dates so far in the Elec-tronic Salon. This tour will be taking the Long Winters from San Francisco via Canada to New York and then back to Seattle - and that's just the brief summary. A lot of live goodness and a lot of miles between 10 March and 14 April! The full set of dates will be added to the Performing Arts section when they are official.

3 January 2006, from the Long Winters on myspace
New European tour
First dates announced of the February/early March European tour - these can also be found in the upcoming section at the bottom of the Tour section. More to be announced.

30 December 2006, from different sources
News summary for the past few months
The library has been too busy to update this section: enjoying the Winters' visit to Europe this Fall, where at the merch table your librarian purchased all records in vinyl! Yes, a box set has been released, and the Ultimatum ep has a wonderful four bonustracks, see the complete works section for details.
The Through With Love documentary is currently still being edited, and no new releasedate has been announced yet. It should be worth the wait, as video material of the Western State Hurricanes was found at the last minute!
To follow up the succesful tour supporting Keane, the Long Winters will return to Europe in February/March 2007 - the first dates were announced in a Toutpartout Agency mailing list message, and will be posted in the Performing Arts section soon.

28 August 2006, from the Barsuk website
Long Winters Fall Tour Contest
Paste Magazine and KEXP 90.3 FM are presenting the upcoming Long Winters fall tour and have come up with a very special tour contest. Visit the Paste website to enter the contest and perhaps you will win the special Grand Prize Package including a customized Putting The Days To Bed guitar plus signed cds. And to add to the excitement, the website features exclusive video and MP3 downloads.

28 July 2006, from John Roderick on the Google TLW Group
Secret Shows, Hyperbole, Tour Dates, Silliness!
Mailing list message with details of promo gigs, secret promo gigs and fall tour dates.

13 July 2006, from Adam Pranica in the elec-tronic salon
Documentary Film about The Long Winters
Filmmaker Adam Pranica has announced a documentary film about The Long Winters, called Through With Love. The film is scheduled to premiere in September and a 10 minute preview can be seen on the official website of DorsiaFilms. The website also has frequent production updates.

6 July 2006, from John Roderick on the Google TLW Group
Stream the new Long Winters record for free!
Mailing list message with a link to a full stream of Putting The Days To Bed, plus the promise of secret promo shows and a not so secret September/October tour.

12 August 2005, from John Roderick on the Google TLW Group
Your Long Winters
The Long Winters mailing list has moved from Notifylist to Google. This is the first message, which explains the delay of the third Long Winters album, and announces the October release of a six-song ep called Ultimatum.

28 April 2006, from the Barsuk website and Pitchfork
Putting The Days To Bed to be released on 25 July
The Barsuk homepage has announced that the new Long Winters album will be released on 25 July and will be titled Putting The Days To Bed. Pitchfork had further info on the album, including a listing of the songs to be included on the record, and mentioned new band member Jonathan Rothman.

16 March 2006, from John Roderick interview on KEXP radio
New album due in the summer of 2006
John Roderick performed solo during KEXP's SXSW broadcast, playing three songs previously unreleased. In the interview with Cheryl Waters, John mentioned a possible release date for the new album of 'end of July'. The album is currently being mixed by John Goodmanson, who was also involved in the mixing of The Worst You Can Do Is Harm.

Fri 3 February 2006, from John Roderick in the elec-tronic salon
Call for musicians
In which John calls for a new keyboard/guitarplayer, preferably also proficient on the electric diddly-wampus. Includes a little bit of info on the new album, and the news that Mike Squires left the band to pursue "other projects", which was not totally unexpected for those who had checked the Myspace bandmember info since mid-January.

12 January 2006, from the SXSW website
The Long Winters listed to play SXSW 2006
The SXSW website published a A-Z list of artists scheduled to play at the SXSW festival in Austin, TX, and yes, under L you will find The Long Winters. There is no news yet on which day the band will play - or indeed if this will be a band performance or a solo effort. Like previous years, there will be a Barsuk showcase; among the other Barsuk artists listed are Nada Surf, John Vanderslice and new signing Rocky Votolato. SXSW will take place from 10 to 19 March.

5 November 2005, mentioned in the salon
The Long Winters on They Might Be Giants tribute album
The Library has failed to mention that The Long Winters are one of the artists to appear on 'Hello Radio: the songs of They Might Be Giants', which will be put out by MM3 Records - even though it was mentioned in the salon a while ago.
On the upside, now a sampler of all songs can be heard on myspace. A preview of The Long Winters' version of Pet Name is second on this sampler.

27 October, mentioned in the salon
John Roderick to perform live on KEXP radio
John will be doing a live in-studio performance for KEXP on Friday October 28 at noon. It will stream live from the KEXP website, and will be available on streaming archive for 14 days afterwards. Most likely the songs will show up in the extensive KEXP archive later on.

1 September 2005,
Band members
Drummer Nabil Ayers is now listed as band member, so the Long Winters are once again a rocking four-piece. Also the myspace site is the first to list a whole bunch of in-store performances in September 2005.

12 August 2005, from John Roderick on the Google TLW Group
Your Long Winters
The Long Winters mailing list has moved from Notifylist to Google. This is the first message, which explains the delay of the third Long Winters album, and announces the October release of a six-song ep called Ultimatum.

7 July 2005, from John Roderick in the salon
Some Long Winters shows
Yep, you guessed it... announcement of five September tour dates, with more to come.
Also about hydrogen fuel-cell technology and fifty Asian elephants, among other things.

28 June, from various sources
The Long Winters page on lists Mike Squires as new Long Winters member. Mike played on the song Scent of Lime, and John once described him thusly in the session players' bio section on
Word in the salon is that Nabil Ayers of Alien Crime Syndicate will be the new drummer, but no official drummer news is available at this date.

Sat 30 April 2005, from Forrest in the elec-tronic salon
new album
Indicating a release date for the third Long Winters album in January 2006, "just now the album is cooling on the windowsill".

Thu 23 December 2004, from John Roderick in the elec-tronic salon
Another update about recording the new album. And Cheeto-fattened children.

Thu 11 November 2004, from John Roderick in the elec-tronic salon
Update about recording the third album. And butterflies and ultimate frisbee.

22 September 2004, from John Roderick on
Funky Martin Luther, or an Autumnal update
In which John talks about writing, writes about recording, and thinks about listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Mon 26 July 2004, from Michael Schorr in the elec-tronic salon
Part of the Capitol Hill Block Party topic
Announcement by Michael of his leaving the band, in response to (wild and hilarious) speculation as Darius Minwalla played the drums at two July gigs.

July 2004, from the Barsuk website
Future soundtrack for America
Announcement of the Future Soundtrack for America compilation, a project to raise awareness and funds for non-profit progressive organisations, which includes the Long Winters song The Commander Thinks Aloud.
This album is included in the complete works wing

May 2004, from John Roderick
KEXP John in the Morning e-mail
John did write another update on the spring tour, from Valencia, Spain. This never appeared on the website, but was included in one of the daily e-mails connected with the KEXP radio show John in the Morning.

16 April 2004, from John Roderick on
Spring Tour Diary, part 2
Here John talks about being a Christian band, quotes Tecumseh when discussing American history, muses about trucks and who painted them, and there's even a word or two about gigs.
Enjoy the lengthy read, because it was also the last part of this tour diary on the website. That's what can happen with three months of near-solid touring...

4 April 2004, from John Roderick on
Berkeley Pit, Butte Montana. March 30, 2004
One of the drawbacks of being a Seattle band is that it's a full three-day drive across the Northern plains to get to the first show in Minneapolis. On the upside, in this diary entry John fills us in on the sights along the way. Great read, and not a note has been played so far.

4 April 2004, from John Roderick on
And…we’re back
Announcement of the spring tour diary.

5 April 2004, from The Long Winters' mailing list
Long Winters tour dates and updates
Besides giving what the subject line promises, this message also marks the birth of the river otters of rock.

Wed 17 March 2004, from John Roderick in the elec-tronic salon
All good things...
In which John announces the departure of Sean Nelson, due to the reunion of Harvey Danger, and a tour line-up for spring 2004 consisting of John, Eric Corson and Michael Schorr.

Mon 2 February 2004, from John Roderick in the elec-tronic salon
Some news
In which John announces the departure of Michael Schilling, and a new line-up.

1 June 2003, from John Roderick on
Detroit is for lovers
The Long Winters played in Detroit, and the city left quite an impression on John.

27 May 2003, from John Roderick on
John's Midwestern farm fantasy

9 May 2003, from John Roderick on
On the topic of pretentiousness

6 May 2003, from John Roderick on
Our promises
A few promises to the viewers of, so that the site can be a safe haven to return to when the pressures of life become unbearable. The library especially likes Promise #4.

6 May 2003, from The Long Winters' mailing list
Welcome & thanks--the new site is up
Welcome mail to mark the official launch of

26 April 2003, from John Roderick on
Why we made a website

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