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Not all of these were commercially available, but despite a polite "not for resale, thanks" they will still show up on auction websites...

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connections to nashville, split single with spiral stairs

Connections to Nashville cover

A. Spiral Stairs - Dreams They Guide Us
AA. The Long Winters - Connections in Nashville

Mt Fuji Records, MFR-133; 21 September 2010

Split single in limited 500 copy edition on clear vinyl, with download code. Also available digitally.
Buy it from Mt Fuji

teaspoon promo

Tea Spoon cover

1. Teaspoon
2. Pushover

Munich Records, MRCDS 859; 2007

Promotional CD single given to radio stations and music reviewers, came with press info sticker on reverse of jewelcase

rich wife (promo?)

Rich Wife cover

1. Rich Wife
2. The Commander Thinks Aloud

Munich Records, MRCDS 856; 2006

fire island promo

Fire Island cover

1. Fire Island, AK (radio edit)

Barsuk Records

munich records singles club

MRSC cover

1. Scared Straight  
2. New Girl (KEXP Radio 10 May 2003)  
3. Mimi (live at The Crocodile Seattle, 8 April 2003)

Munich Records; MRSC 003
Three-song CD single in cardboard sleeve from Munich Records, with one album track and two live recordings

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