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Ah, sweet luscious vinyl. Highly recommended, with or without the box set jacket.

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box set

All four Long Winters records became available on vinyl in Fall 2006. They are also available as a limited edition box set in a hand-numbered foil-stamped black box.

Released by The Control Group.

TCG037: Putting The Days To Bed

TCG036: Ultimatum features four previously unreleased songs.
The Commander Thinks Aloud * Ultimatum * Everything Is Talking * Delicate Hands * Fire Island, AK (Susitna Demo) *** It's a Departure (Version 1.0) * Clouds (Home Demo) * Seven (Litho Demo) * Bride and Bridle (Live Acoustic) * Ultimatum (Live Acoustic).

TCG035: When I Pretend to Fall comes as double gate-fold album with album art booklet.

TCG034: The Worst You Can Do Is Harm

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