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Images, images, images!

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The Flickr Long Winters group is the place where everyone is invited to post their Long Winters photos, thus creating a great archive. Your photos are welcome!


John Roderick got himself a fancy camphone for the spring 2004 tour, sponsored by KEXP, and posted a bunch of pictures on Buzznet. Account has been inactive for the past years.

publicity photos

Want to see some photos that will probably look familiar if you've read a couple of articles about the band? Record company Barsuk offer several publicity photographs. In high resolution, if you want a classy windows background. The library hasn't come across an official Long Winters screensaver yet...

the masters

There are two photographers who deserve special mention in this section, because they have managed to capture The Long Winters so well.

Ryan Schierling has taken a lot of shots of the band (both publicity photos and live photos), and the library recommends you visit his website, for many more great photos.

William Anthony has taken some amazing pictures of the band, on and off-stage and also did photography for the artwork for Putting the Days to Bed. A wide selection of his work can be seen on his site

live photos

Elizabeth Weinberg shot some great photos on the 2007 American Spring Tour. For plenty more links to live photos of The Long Winters, check the abstracts department in the Long Winters Library's Performing Arts wing.

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7 August, 2009