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Reading about a band is all very well, but listening is infinitely better. Enjoy!

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radio sessions

A number of radio sessions can still be heard from online archive:

KEXP Live Performances Podcast, Seattle WA, 21 July 2006:
Pushover, Fire Island, AK, Teaspoon, Honest, Ultimatum (acoustic version), Clouds, Seven, Carparts; band; 59:20 including interviews

at VPRO 3voor12, May 2004

KEXP Cheryl Waters, Seattle WA, 28 October 2005:
delicate hands, stupid, pushover (new song), the commander thinks aloud, scared straight; John Roderick

KEXP John in the Morning, Seattle WA, 3 December 2004:
cinnamon, fire island, ultimatum; John Roderick

VPRO 3voor12, Amsterdam NL, 19 May 2004:
blue diamonds, scared straight, carparts, cinnamon; band; with streaming video for blue diamonds

no love for ned, Chapel Hill NC, 26 April 2004 (Long Winters start after the first hour):
scared straight, cinnamon, sound of coming down, blue diamonds; band, alternative arrangements

KEXP live from New York NY, 23 October 2003:
unsalted butter, it'll be a breeze, shapes, cinnamon, the only living boy in new york; John Roderick and Sean Nelson

KEXP, Seattle WA, May 10 2003:
shapes, stupid, cinnamon, new girl and interview; band


taping policy:
The band are fine with fans taping shows and spreading the recordings on the internet. They do appreciate it however if you send them a disc of the recordings, through Barsuk Records' postal address, c.o. The Long Winters.

The Internet Archive has a couple of shows available for download in various formats, as well as in streaming audio:
2 April 2007 at Union Hall, NY
19 February 2007 at La Sala Apolo, Barcelona ES
4 October 2006 at Lee's Palace, Toronto CAN
25 July 2006 at Easy Street Records, Seattle WA
25 July 2006 at Sonic Boom Record Store, Seattle WA
22 July 2007 at Neumos, Seattle WA

The Long Winters fansite has a number of concerts available for download in lossless audio:
2003.06.17 - Toronto, CAN | 2004.06.06 - Toronto, CAN | 2006.03.16 KLRU Austin, TX | 2006.07.21 - Seattle, WA | 2006.09.30 - Allston, MA | 2006.10.04 - Toronto, CAN | 2007.02.19 Barcelona, SPA | 2007.03.27 - Toronto, CAN | 2007.03.28 - Montreal, CAN | 2007.03.30 - Hoboken, NJ | 2007.03.31 - New York, NY | 2007.04.02 - Brooklyn, NY

The Barsuk Records website has an E-card, featuring songs played at an April 2005 Barsuk songwriters show at EMP in Seattle. John Roderick plays three acoustic Long Winters songs: Ultimatum, Bride & Bridle and It'll be a breeze. The other Barsuk artists who appear are Matthew Caws (Nada Surf), Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie), John Vanderslice and Jesse Sykes. More info about this show in the abstracts section of the Performing Arts wing.

The paid download site eMusic recorded four concerts of the June 2004 tour:
June 4 in The Metro, Chicago IL |  June 8 in Maxwell's, Hoboken NJ |  June 16 in the Cat's Cradle, Carrboro NC |  June 25 in The Casbah, San Diego CA
More info on these concerts in the abstracts section in the Performing Arts wing.


Back in 2003, ringtones were available for three songs from When I Pretend to Fall. Although they cannot be downloaded anymore, they are stored here in the Long Winters Library for posterity:
Blue Diamonds 0.5 MB |  Cinnamon 0.3 MB |  Stupid 0.4 MB (soundfiles open in separate window)

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