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The Long Winters can not only be heard, but also seen. Watch out for the following.

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through with love / live at the showbox

banner from DorsiaFilms website

Filmmaker Adam Pranica has announced a documentary film about The Long Winters, called Through With Love. In the process of gathering material for this documentary, a complete show at the Showbox in Seattle was filmed, which was released as a high definition live DVD. 'Through with Love' is currently in the editing stage and a 10 minute preview and production updates can be found on the Dorsia Films website.
More info about 'Live At The Showbox' in the DVD section of Complete Works.

burn to shine seattle

dvd cover

The Burn to Shine manifesto: 1) Gather local bands on one day to play live in a house or building that is going to be destroyed. 2) Each band plays one song and performs their song twice. 3) No overdubs. 4) Film the building's destruction. 5) Edit and display in chronological order. 6) That is all.

On 27 January 2007 Seattle was the stage for the 5th installment of this project from Trixie DVD. Benjamin Gibbard brought together 14 bands: The Long Winters, Jesse Sykes, David Bazan, Harvey Danger, Tiny Vipers, The Cave Singers, Minus The Bear, Eddie Vedder, Kinski, Spook The Horse, The Can't See, The Blue Scholars, Triumph of Lethargy Skinned To Death, and himself.

The Long Winters played (It's A) Departure in a full guitar version, no keyboards.

Read more and order from Trixie DVD |  Order from Barsuk while supplies last

fire island, ak

Bex Schwartz lured the band to Awosting Reserve in Wallkill, NY to shoot a video for Fire Island, AK, one of the songs of the Putting the Days to Bed album.
View the video on the Barsuk e-card

blue diamonds

A friend of the band, Michael Chick, offered to make a video for the song Blue Diamonds, from the album When I pretend to fall, an offer they couldn't refuse. This video was added to the European release of the album, as a bonus cdrom track, and this full quality version can be downloaded from's video section (big file though!). It can also be viewed online on Launch, music on Yahoo.

If you are wondering who the people in the video are (besides the band eating ice-cream) John said this about it in the Inter-net Salon: The "Mr. Big" character is a fellow who used to own a club in Seattle called the OK Hotel, which was closed after the big earthquake a couple of years ago, and the "Ms. Bad" character can be found serving drinks on weekend nights at the Rendezvous on 2nd Ave. The man with the electrodes is the video's director. The other, incidental characters are all serving you your food when you dine at Le Pichet, on 1st Ave.


In the very early days of the Salon, when the topic of videos came up, a video for Carparts was mentioned, made by a fan from Boston in 2002. The library has never had the pleasure of viewing it, and any information (or dare we hope for it, a link even) would be extremely welcome at the librarian's desk.

live video

A number of sessions featured video as well as sound. Still to be seen from online archive:

Musik Express, Munich Germany, 11 November 2003:
it'll be a breeze, prom night at hater high; John Roderick and Sean Nelson

VPRO 3voor12, Amsterdam NL, 19 May 2004:
One of the four songs of this live radio session has video as well. The library is excited that the song is Blue Diamonds: see Eric play guitar!

More and more video footage shows up on the Internet, quality ranges from great to 20 second camphone vids (highly incomplete list, more should be added):

2 Oct 1998, 29 Live tv show, Seattle WA: Western State Hurricanes - Carparts on YouTube, 5:51
23 November 2005, Doug Fir Lounge, Portland OR: Cinnamon in's video section
17 March 2006, End of An Ear, Austin TX: John sings backings on Nada Surf's What Is Your Secret
25 July 2006, Sonic Boom Ballard, Seattle WA: Pushover on YouTube, 2:50
12 November 2006, The Annex, Stockholm, Sweden: The Commander Thinks Aloud on YouTube, 0:28
14 February 2007, Le Pub, Newport, Wales: Seven on YouTube, 2:12
24 February 2007, La Casa Encedida, Madrid, Spain: Scared Straight on YouTube, 3:52
3 March 2007, Pauk, Zagreb: Sky Is Open on YouTube, 0:35
25 March 2007, Blind Pig, Ann Arbor MI: Cinnamon on YouTube, 4:03
25 March 2007, Blind Pig, Ann Arbor MI: Sky Is Open on YouTube, 3:35
25 March 2007, Blind Pig, Ann Arbor MI: Stupid on YouTube, 4:19
25 March 2007, Blind Pig, Ann Arbor MI: Teaspoon on YouTube, 3:17
25 March 2007, Blind Pig, Ann Arbor MI: Seven on YouTube, 3:38
30 March 2007, Maxwell's, Hoboken NJ: Ultimatum on YouTube, 1:07
29 March 2007, Great Scott, Allston, MA: (excerpt of) Rich Wife on YouTube, 2:50
29 March 2007, Great Scott, Allston, MA: Blue Diamonds on YouTube, 5:31
31 March 2007, Mercury Lounge, New York NY: Seven on YouTube, 3:31

forgotten but not yet gone

John Roderick acted in a short film called "Forgotten But Not Yet Gone". This film, about an older man at a tipping point in his life, is based off a song by Ben Folds called Fred Jones, Pt. 2 and stars John Roderick as homeless man Jordan, with Steve Atit Marmer and Jacob Sunday. Written and directed by Zachary Gore, it is currently being finalised (and has been for the past years).
view the trailer on YouTube

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