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abstracts: a collection of setlists and concert-related links

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Many of these setlists and links come from past conversations in The Long Winters Elec-tronic Salon and Discussion Table and the library is most obliged to everyone who posted them.

A complete list of all past concerts can be found in the historical geography section.


27 Jan 2008;   Portland, OR - Crystal Ballroom
Fire Island AK, Carparts, Teaspoon, Stupid, Hindsight, Shapes, Blue Diamonds, Honest, Scared Straight, Cinnamon, Pushover, (It's a) Departure

21 Jun 2008;   Portland, OR - Aladdin Theatre
Pushover, Honest; John solo acoustic, live performance for Live Wire, a variety show for Oregon Public Radio, broadcast on 5 July 2008
hear the podcast

3 Jul 2008;   Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom
Give Me a Moment, Seven, Stupid, Teaspoon, Cinnamon, Scared Straight, The Commander Thinks Aloud, Blue Diamonds, Fire Island AK, Sound of Coming Down, Hindsight, Pushover; beginning of Pushover had two false starts, one for the capo being on the wrong fret, the second for John playing a wrong note

5 Jul 2008;   Seattle, WA - Showbox at The Market
Give Me a Moment, Seven, Stupid, Teaspoon, Cinnamon, Scared Straight, The Commander Thinks Aloud, Blue Diamonds, Fire Island AK, Honest, Hot For Teacher (VH tease), Wish You Were Here (Floyd tease), Hindsight, Pushover, Nora, Ultimatum (EP version)
video footage and interview from Seattle Weekly |  Youtube video of Wish You Were Here |  photos by Laura Musselman | review at Three Imaginary Girls | review in the Seattle Times | review on The Finest Kiss blog

17 Jul 2008;   San Francisco, CA - Independent
setlist included: Give Me A Moment
review on

25 Jul 2008 9am;   Seattle, WA - Westfield Southcenter Re-Opening
setlist included: Cinnamon, Mimi
photos by Chelsea

31 Jul 2008 7pm;   New York, NY - Castle Clinton in Battery Park
give me a moment, clouds, stupid, teaspoon, cinnamon, scared straight, the commander thinks aloud, blue diamonds, fire island ak, honest, hindsight, pushover, carparts, shapes, the sound of coming down, ultimatum (acoustic); plus a quick little "classic rock" jam and john singing a line from REM
photos on Brooklyn Vegan |  preview in the NY Sun |  review on

20 Sep 2008;   Valencia, Spain - Sala El Loco;
setlist included: Scared Straight
myspacetv clip of Scared Straight |  concert preview in El País


29 Jun 2009;   Seattle, WA - Sorrento Hotel Penthouse
Unsalted Butter; John solo; Songs for Eating and Drinking
video of Unsalted Butter |  photos of the event |  photo review by Chase Jarvis

9 Jul 2009;   Seattle, WA - Sunset
Carparts, Medicine Cabinet Pirate, Pushover, Cinnamon, Nora;
John, Eric, Michael Lerner (Telekinesis) on drums
review on Three Imaginary Girls |  part of Carparts on Youtube

setlist for Doe Bay Festival

15 Aug 2009;   Olga, WA - Doe Bay Festival
Clouds, Scared Straight, Teaspoon, Sky is Open, Stupid, Honest, New Girl, It'll be a Breeze, Medicine Cabinet Pirate, Not Moving to Portland [new song], Fire Island AK, Pushover, Cinnamon, (It's a) Departure, Hindsight, Rich Wife, The Commander Thinks Aloud, Carparts + a few impromptu jams of Aerosmith and Beastie Boys
John, Eric, Jonathan, Mike Musburger on drums
video of Scared Straight (partly) |  review on Sound on the Sound

Sat 5 Sep 2009;   Seattle, WA - Bumbershoot festival
Bride & Bridle (w/long intro), Teaspoon, Fire Island AK, Scent of Lime, Blue Diamonds, Honest, No Moving To Portland (new song), Cinnamon, Scared Straight, The Commander Thinks Aloud, Sound of Coming Down (drummer's request), Pushover, (It's a) Departure, Nora
final show with Nabil Ayers on drums
review in (sound) |  review in Seattle Weekly |  review on Three Imaginary Girls |  preview on KEXP blog

Fri 18 Sep 2009   Portland, OR - Berbati's Pan; MusicfestNW
Rich Wife, Fire Island AK, Stupid, Teaspoon, Scared Straight, Cinnamon, New Girl, The Commander Thinks Aloud, Blue Diamonds, Hindsight, Pushover, (It's a) Departure, Encore: Nora
John, Eric, Jonathan, Darius Minwalla on drums
review on |  review on

22 Oct 2009;   Los Angeles, CA - Largo
setlist not necessarily in order: Hindsight, Pushover, Seven, Ultimatum, It'll be a breeze, Shapes, Ultimatum, Not Moving to Portland, Wise Up (The Largo-appropriate Aimee Mann cover), The Commander Thinks Aloud;
John solo
John twitters about Wise Up: "Show at Largo was rad. I covered an Aimee Mann song, turned out she was there. Afterwards she said “you fucked up the first verse.” Yes'm."

23 Oct 2009;   Los Angeles, CA - El Rey
Pushover, Seven, Itíll be a Breeze, Cinnamon, Not Moving to Portland, Ultimatum, Bride & Bridle, Stupid, The Commander Thinks Aloud;
John solo
video of The Commander

24 Oct 2009;   San Francisco, CA - Bimbo's 365 Club
Pushover, Seven, Stupid, Not Moving to Portland, Hindsight, Ultimatum, Shapes, The Commander Thinks Aloud;
John solo
photo by Paige K. Parsons

6 Dec 2009   Portland, OR - Mississippi Studios
Ultimatum, Honest, Pushover, Hindsight, Not Moving To Portland, The Commander Thinks Aloud, Scared Straight, Cinnamon, Gimme All Your Lovin'; John solo, Kathleen Edwards sang on Honest, Commander, Scared, Cinnamon, Give Me All Your Lovin'

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