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Many of these setlists and links come from past conversations in The Long Winters Elec-tronic Salon and Discussion Table and the library is most obliged to everyone who posted them.

A complete list of all past concerts can be found in the historical geography section.


24 Jan 2010   Seattle, WA - Showbox at The Market
setlist: Shapes, Carparts, Hindsight, Not Moving to Portland, Mimi, Cinnamon, Pushover, New Girl
video of Mimi |  photos by coldengrey

Thu 25 Mar 2010;   New York, NY - Poisson Rouge
Not Moving to Portland, Connections in Nashville (new song, first time played); finale: Modern Love (David Bowie cover w/John, Wes, Langhorne Slim, Freedy Johnston, and Eugene Mirman backed by the English UK);
John solo; John Wesley Harding's Cabinet of Wonders
video of Not Moving to Portland |  video of Modern Love

Fri 26 Mar 2010;   New York, NY - The Bell House
Stupid, Honest, Seven, Pushover, Not Moving to Portland, Scent of Lime, Cinnamon, Ultimatum, The Commander Thinks Aloud* (*w/Nada Surf as backing band);  plus backings on Nada Surf's What is your Secret, Your Legs Grow, and I Fought the Law;
John solo
live recording by nyctaper |  photos by David Andrako photo by Kurt Christensen

Wed 26 May 2010;   Seattle, WA - Crocodile Café
Super (?, new song, first performance), Fire Island, AK, Teaspoon, Not Moving to Portland, Sky is Open, Stupid, Obedient to You (new song, first performance), Cinnamon, Pushover, The Commander Thinks Aloud, Clouds, Scent of Lime, Rich Wife, Carparts, Ultimatum (rock version)
secret show as The Newton Girls
preview in Seattle Weekly |  photos by Laura Musselman, also published by Seattle Weekly |  photos by David Lee |  photos by J Volkenant

Thu 27 May 2010;   Eugene, OR - WOW Hall
preview/interview in Daily Emerald |  photo by WOW Hall |  photos by J Volkenant

Fri 28 May 2010;   Portland, OR - Berbati's Pan
Super (?, new song), Fire Island AK, Teaspoon, Sky is Open, Not Moving to Portland (new full band arrangement from the one they performed at Bumbershoot last year), Cinnamon, Clouds, Touch of Grey (Grateful Dead cover), Rich Wife, Obedient to You, Pushover, The Commander Thinks Aloud, New Girl, Ultimatum (Rock Version)
preview in The Oregonian |  photos by J Volkenant

Sun 30 May 2010;   George, WA - Sasquatch! Music Festival
setlist included: The Commander Thinks Aloud
video of Commander on YouTube |  review on |  review in Ear Candy

Tue 8 Jun 2010;   New York, NY - Central Park
Only Living Boy in New York; John in duet with Aimee Mann
photo on |  tweet review by Aimee Mann

Fri 18 Jun 2010;   St. Paul, MN - Fitzgerald Theater
Not Moving To Portland, Distractions (Bobby Darin cover w/ John Munson) + Tonight You Belong To Me by John Hodgman + Happy Together (The Turtles cover) finale;
John Roderick solo on live recording of MPR radio show Wits - An Examination of Diversions, Distractions, and Hey Look at That Thing Over There
watch video stream of entire show

20 Aug 2010;   Montague, MA - Montague Bookmill
setlist included: Carparts, Fire Island AK, Ultimatum, The Commander Thinks Aloud; John solo acoustic
Video of Carparts, Fire Island, AK, Ultimatum and The Commander on Youtube

Thu 30 Sep 2010;   Seattle, WA - The Triple Door
Ultimatum (John solo on guitar)
Hindsight (John solo on guitar)
Not Moving to Portland (John and Eric on guitar)
Bride and Bridal (John on guitar, Eric on slide guitar)
Clouds (John on guitar, Eric on slide guitar)
Mimi (John on piano, Eric on slide guitar)
Commander Thinks Aloud (John on Piano, Eric on drums)
Johnny Be Good (Chuck Berry tease) (John on guitar, Eric on drums)
Copernicus (John on guitar, Eric on drums)
Give Me a Moment (John on guitar, Eric on drums)
Gimme All Your Lovin' (John on piano, Eric on guitar)
Scared Straight (John on guitar, Eric on bass)
Pushover (John on guitar, Eric on bass, Jason Finn on drums)
Connections in Nashville (John on guitar, Eric on guitar, Jason Finn on drums)
Blue Diamonds (John on piano, Eric on bass, Jason Finn on drums)
*new song* (John on piano, solo)
John forgot the lyrics to Scared Straight midway through, and was jamming with Eric to stall until a fan could yell out the lyrics
photos by Laura Musselman |  photos by Adam Pranica

Sat 9 Oct 2010;   Seattle, WA - The Triple Door
Jealous Guy; John Roderick solo, John Lennon tribute
show poster on

Sat 23 Oct 2010;   Seattle, WA - Paramount
Blue Diamonds, The Commander Thinks Aloud, New Girl; John, Eric + Jason Finn on drums, Andy McKeag joined for Commander, Andy, Sean Nelson and Chris Ballew joined for New Girl. Show finale: Lola (changed to charity Mona)
Rainn Wilson's charity fundraiser
preview in Seattle Weekly

Mon 1 Nov 2010;   Seattle, WA - Neumos
Blowin' in the Wind (with Eric in his debut on harmonica), Solitary Man ("by that famous folk artist Neil Diamond"), King of Carrot Flowers, Puff the Magic Dragon
John solo at Get Out the Vote Rally, "playing all your favorite folk songs"
King of Carrot Flowers on Youtube |  John's review in SW's Reverb

Fri 5 Nov 2010;   Seattle, WA - Crocodile Cafe
Give Me a Moment, Mimi, Bride and Bridle, Commander (with Mugison on guitar), Nora (with Mugison on keyboards); [title unknown] + Sweetest Melody by Mugison (John guitar, Eric drums), then Mugison did two songs solo. Show finale: Stand By Me.
John & Eric; Reykjavik Calling sister city showcase
Nora on Youtube |  Sweetest Melody on Youtube |  review & photos on Backbeat Seattle |  review & photos on SunBreak

Sat 11 Dec 2010;   Seattle, WA - KEXP Radio
John Roderick and Rachel Flotard at KEXP
photos by Victoria VanBruinisse

Tue 14 Dec 2010;   New York, NY - WFMU Radio
The Best Show on WFMU Christmas show

2-8 Jan 2011;   Joco Cruise from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Caribbean
solo show included: Not Moving to Portland, Ultimatum, Gimme All Your Lovin (piano), Stupid, Seven, Scared Straight performed at JoCo show: The Commander Thinks Aloud (w/Jonathan Coulton, Paul & Storm). John comb and backings on You Belong To Me by John Hodgman and JoCo. Sloop John B finale with all cruise performers
Not Moving to Portland, Ultimatum, Seven, Scared Straight, Gimme All Your Lovin', Stupid on YouTube
The Commander Thinks Aloud, You Belong To Me and Sloop John B finale on YouTube

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