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reviews for putting the days to bed

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Most intriguing place to find a review:
among all the latest about water features in the garden, the Water Garden Advisor posted the Blogcritics review in their news section. Alas no longer online, but one wonders which music lover worked in the water advise business.

new additions to this section (added August 2009):

NY Daily News, 30 July 2006, by Jim Farber

Revolver Magazine, 29 March 2007, by Rixt Kleinjan  Nederlands

The Rawking Refuses To Stop!, 31 August 2006, by David Greenwald

The Ticker, 15 April 2007, by Adrienne Rayski
"Long Winters do happy, without all the sappy"

Tiny Mix Tapes, by Chris Gliddon

end of year lists

Paste's Top 100 Albums of 2006: voted #10, 16 January 2007

Rolling Stone : The 100 Best Songs of 2006: Pushover voted #73, 8 December 2006
"Guitar troubadour surrenders to his girlfriend with two and a half minutes of rootsy sweetness, and you can't help but surrender too."

Seattlest: 2006 Top-Five Northwest Releases: voted #1, 14 December 2006 by Jack Hollenbach

Three Imaginary Girls: Best Northwest Releases of 2006 Readers' Poll Winners: voted #3, 8 January 2007

the toaster talks' Preliminary Report Card - Oh Six, 19 December 2006, by Mister Toaster » Top 10 for 2006: voted #4, 5 December 2006, by Kevin Conboy

30music, 10 August 2006, by Dan Shvartsman (About: Alternative Music), by Joey Rubin

About Songs, 22 September 2006, by Jörg

Allmusic, by MacKenzie Wilson, August 2006, by Wiebren Rijkeboer  Nederlands, 8 September 2006, by Tobias Stalling

Ashcan Rantings, 11 June 2006, by Charles

Aversion, by Matt Schild

The A.V. Club, 9 August 2006, by Keith Phipps

Award Tour, 5 June 2006

The Big Takeover print only

Billboard, by David Greenwald

Blogcritics, 17 August 2006, by Tan the Man

Buzzgrinder, 11 July 2006, by Wesley Johnson

Chart Attack, 15 August 2006, by Kevin Ritchie

Chromewaves.Net, 12 August 2006, by Frank Yang

CokemachineGlow, 3 August 2006, by David Greenwald

The Courier-Journal, Louisville KY, 2 September 2006, by Jeffrey Lee Puckett

Ctrl.Alt.Country, August 2006  Nederlands, 14 August 2006, by Mike Rea

Delusions of Adequacy, 24 July 2006, by Matt the Raven, 24 August 2006, by Storm  Nederlands

Fok!, 3 September 2006, by Jelle S  Nederlands

Gaesteliste, September 2006, by Ullrich Mauer  Deutsch

IGN, 11 August 2006, by Chad Grischow

Illinois Entertainer, 26 July 2006, by Kevin Keegan

Indie Don't Dance, 26 May 2006

Kevchino, by Jeff Laughlin

Kindamuzik, 15 September 2006, by Lennart Dost  Nederlands

Live XS, September 2006, by Arnold Scheepmaker  Nederlands

Lost at Sea, by Peter Lindblad

Mammoth Press, 2 August 2006, by Joe Szczepaniak

Marathonpacks Blog, 15 September 2006, by Hannah

Moroccan Role, 30 May 2006, by Matt

Nieuwe Revu, September 2006, by Norbert Pek  Nederlands print only; link includes translation

NPR Song of the Day, 12 July 2006, by Kathryn Yu

Oor, September 2006, by René Megens  Nederlands print only

Pitchfork, 3 August 2006, by Rachel Khong

Plato Nieuwsbrief, 9 August 2006, by Erwin Zijleman  Nederlands

Plato Magazine, 18 August 2006, by Louk Vanderschuren  Nederlands print only

Plattentests Online, September 2006, by Daniel Gerhardt, September 2006, by Jan Henze

Prefix Mag, 7 August 2006, by John Zeiss

Rate Your Music, by various reviewers

Rolling Stone, 13-27 July 2006, p.105; print only, link opens pop-up

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 21 July 2006, by Tizzy Asher

Sign On San Diego, 5 September 2006, by Maya Kroth

Silent Uproar, by David

Skatterbrain, 1 May 2006, by Matthew Edwards

Der Spiegel, 28 August 2006, by Jan Wigger  Deutsch

Spin, August 2006; print only

Stage Hymns, 30 June 2006, by Joe Szczepaniak

Stereogum, 5 July 2006, by Scott

The Stranger, 20-26 July 2006, by Chris McCann

Stylus Magazine, 25 July 2006, by Theon Weber

Three Imaginary Girls, July 2006, by Joseph Riippi

TransformOnline, 14 September 2006, by Kyle Wagner

The Tripwire, 26 July 2006, by Jeffrey Thrope

Up & Coming Magazine, 19 July 2006, by Brian Dukes

Urban Pollution, by Jessica Young

UnderGroundOnline, by Adam Swiderski

Volkskrant, 14 September 2006, by Gijsbert Kamer  Nederlands link includes translation


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