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album reviews for the worst you can do is harm

Harm cover

"Roderick is a skilled enough songwriter to turn his personal traumas and heartbreaks into universally appealing subject matter." (PopMatters)

"I can't get 'Carparts' out of my frickin' head." (Pitchfork)

"The Long Winters LP soon reveals a unique identity, burrows under your skin, and sets up home in your heart. The album is a work of true love and it shows, measure by measure, note by note." (Rockbites)

Allmusic, by Kurt Morris

Aversion, by Matt Schild

Bettawreckonize, by Dan Rizer

CMJ, by Randy Harward

Portland State University Vanguard, 8 March 2002, by Kyle E. Huth

Ear Pollution, 20 May 2002, by Eric J. Ianelli

In Music We Trust, Issue Forty-Six, March 2002, by Alex Steininger

Insound, taken from AMG?

No-Nothing Rock!, by Michael, 30 April 2002, by Bobby Tanzilo

Pitchfork, 26 March 2002, by Rob Mitchum

PopMatters, 19 February 2002, by Jeremy Schneyer

Rockbites, 18 February 2002

Suite 101, Choice Cuts July 2002, 29 June 2002

Synthesis, March 2002, by Max Sidman

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