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album reviews for ultimatum

Ultimatum cover

punk review of the day:
READ Magazine, New Punk Reviews, 8 October 2005:
"Ugh. Over-sensitive singer/songwriter crap that borders on indie rock and adult contemporary. Barf."

Amazon, by Mike McGonical

A.V. Club, Music in brief, 2 November 2005, by Noel Murray

Aversion, by Matt Schild

CD, 16 October 2005, by Kyle Puckett

Dailysonic, Episode #98, 30 September 2005, spoken review at 27:18 by Adam Varga

Decoy Music, 24 October 2005, by Jeff Latta

Dream Chimney, Track of the Day, 14 September 2005, by Vladomir Chimney

Erasing Clouds,week 33, 2005, by Dave Heaton

Glide Magazine, 6 December 2005, by Garin Pirnia

High Bias, 20 October 2005, by Michael Toland

Houston Chronicle, 31 October 2005, by Andrew Dansby

Indie Workshop, 19 October 2005 by Oli Spall

Jarrett House North, 11 October 2005, by Tim Jarrett; also published at Blogcritics

LoudSpeakers at InternmentCamp, 10 October 2005, by Raj

LooseRecord, by Amy Wagner

Mundane Sounds, 14 November 2005, by Joseph Kyle

The Music Edge, 30 September 2005, by Kiki Alexande

Music Emissions, 22 November 2005, by Dennis Scanland

Music for Robots, 21 November 2005, by Mark

Music Geek, by Matthew Montgomery, also published at Blogcritics

Nashville Scene, 15 September 2005, by Steve Haruch

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10 November 2005, by Ed Masley

Riftrock, by David Barker

San Diego City Beat, 12 October 2005, by Caley Cook

sctas[dot]com, 27 October 2005, by Rooney

Spin, 12 October 2005, by Ginny Yang

Splendid, 25 October 2005, by Phillip Buchan

Stylus, The Rubber Room, October 2005, Volume 2, by Justin Cober-Lake

Swizzle-stick, 4 November 2005, by Ben Chenoweth

Three Imaginary Girls, by Chris Estey

Transform, 7 November 2005, by Kyle Wagner

The Underground Scene, November 2005, by David

Washington Square News, 2 December 2005, by Katherine Bernard

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