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Interviews with John Roderick are always a pleasure to read, so dig in and enjoy! Video or audio interviews are indicated, as well as interviews in a foreign language.

Interviews from 2009 onwards have already been moved to the new library, older material is still filed here.

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A Long Winters Wonderland
Festive!, 27 November 2008, by DJ El Toro
originally published in Festive #8

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Death to the Encore!   audio file
Weekend America, 11 August 2007, by John Moe

10 things that take fun out of live shows
MSNBC, 5 July 2007, by Mary Mulholland
The Long Winters are mentioned under #5: encores.

The Long Winters' John Roderick Doesn't Hate Everything -- or, The Commander Eats Aloud
St. Louis Riverfront Times, 21 June 2007, by Annie Zaleski

Winters' solstice
The Salt Lake Tribune, 6 April 2007, by Dan Nailen

Snuggling up with the Long Winters
St. Louis Riverfront Times, 4 April 2007, by Christian Schaeffer
» read online
followed by Outtakes: The Long Winters
St. Louis Riverfront Times, 6 April 2007, by Annie Zaleski/Christian Schaeffer
» read online

The hot Winters, The Long Winters welcome spring with a spate of New York gigs
NY Daily News, 30 March 2007, by Gene Santoro;
» read online

The Long Winters: In It For The Girls
Chartattack, 27 March 2007, by Scott Bryson

The Merlin Show 012: John Roderick interview Part 1   video interview
The Merlin Show, 28 March 2007, by Merlin Mann; streaming video or 61 MB download, 14:30 min.

Edge of 38
Village Voice, 22 March 2007, by Ben Westhoff

The Mind Of The Long Winters Has A Life Of Its Very Own
VUE Weekly, 15 March 2007, by Mary Christa O'Keefe

Interview - The Long Winters   audio file
CBC Radio 3, 15 March 2007, by Lisa Christiansen; 7:31 min. streaming audio

The F-Word
Dissecting hipster Seattle's most loathed, least defended figure: the frat boy
Seattle Weekly, 14 March 2007, by Mike Seely

He just wants some artistic respect
Vancouver Sun, linked on's Vancouver City Guide, 9 March 2007, by Amy O'Brian
similar articles also appeared on's:
Edmonton City Guide, 16 March 2007, as Despite storms, tempests, the Long Winters prevail
Montreal City Guide, 22 March 2007, as Spring brings the Long Winters to town

The Local Music Show, episode 1   video interview
The Local Music Show's first episode showcases videos from Barsuk Records and interviews with Josh Rosenfeld from Barsuk Records, and John Roderick from The Long Winters. Library tip: also make sure to catch John performing for John at the end of the show.
Seattle Channel, 15 February 2007, hosted by John Richards
The Local Music Show's MySpace page features a video of just the John interview

John Roderick streaming video interview   video interview
FaceCulture, 31 January 2007 (interview held 29 August 2006); seven episodes of 3 to 5 minutes, streaming video

Wine Harmony with The Long Winters
Neo Vino, 28 January 2007, by John Mills

Nu-video   video interview / Nederlands, January 2007, by FaceCulture; 2:33 minutes, streaming video; interview in English, Dutch voice-over and subtitles

"I am the King God"   video interview / Nederlands, 12 January 2007, by FaceCulture; 4:30 minutes, streaming video; interview in English, Dutch captions

"One fan at a time, one show at a time"
ARTISTdirect, January 2007?, by Adam McKibbin

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In The Backseat With John Roderick of The Long Winters
Hipsterotica, 28 December 2006

Grab your snowsuits   video interview
The DL, 1 December 2006, interview by Sara; 1:46 minutes, streaming video
outtake video on YouTube 1:45 minutes streaming video

Democrats Make Gains in Midterm Elections
Bands like the Long Winters, Rogue Wave, Xiu Xiu, among others, weigh in on election-day results., 8 November 2006

The Long Winters, A conversation with John Roderick
The Red Alert, November 2006, by Adam McKibbin; also featured on, January 2007

Groupies maken bij The Long Winters geen schijn van kans   audio file / Nederlands
VPRO 3voor12, 31 October 2006, by Menno Visser; article in Dutch, audio interview in English

Tarrying, tangling with Long Winters' John Roderick
San Francisco Bay Guardian - Noise, 11 October 2006, by Kate Izquierdo

Seattle musician opens up
The Long Winters singer types as well as he croons
The Press-Enterprise, 5 October 2006, by Lilledeshan Bose

The Long Winters: het individu John Roderick   Nederlands
Kindamuzik, 25 September 2006, by Alexis Vos

EXCLUSIVE! Interview with John Roderick of the Long Winters!
Cut The Chord, 22 September 2006, by JDamen

The Long Winters
Magnet Magazine, September 2006, by Matthew Frith

The Long Winters: Like a virgin
Harp, Shortcuts, September/October 2006, by Randy Harward

Eigensinnig, detailverliebt, genial   Deutsch, September 2006, by Carsten Wohlfeld

Small Talk: Long Winters
Houston Chronicle, 13 September 2006

John Roderick talks touring, the snotty-pants mafia among many, many other things
AZ Nightbuzz, Daysleeper, 11 September 2006, by JB

An Interview With John Roderick (From The Longwinters)
Music for America, 7 September 2006, by Sofia Resnick

The Long Winters Hoth No Fury Community, 4 August 2006

Critics' Picks: Best Power-Pop Band
Seattle Weekly, 2 August 2006, by Mike Seely

The Wake-Up Bomb
Paste, Issue 23, July 2006, by Cory duBrowa

Summertime Blues
Aversion, 31 July 2006, by Matt Schild

A semi-serious interview with John Roderick of the Long Winters!
Team Clermont Comes a Cropper!, 28 July 2006

Long, hot Winters
Anchorage Daily News, 28 July 2006, by Josh Niva

Long Winters Frontman Survives Metal, Anchorage and Music Exile
Kitsap Sun, Westcoast A&E, 21 July 2006, by Christopher Kornelis

John Roderick explains Putting The Days To Bed lyrics
Indie Interviews, 20 July 2006

The Long Winters: A Composite Of The Touching And The Tough, The Sly And The Slain
Daytrotter, 19 July 2006, by Sean Moeller

Interview: The Long Winters
Mundane Sounds, 12 July 2006, by Mister Joseph

Artist Interview: The Long Winters' John Roderick
Mammoth Press, 6 July 2006, by Joe Szczepaniak

Feature: The Long Winters
West Coast Performer/PerformerMag, July 2006, by Kristen Schaer

John Roderick explains himself
Barsuk website, 2006, by 'Barsuk intern',   pdf-file, link opens in separate window
the 2006 Long Winters bio

Guess who's coming to dinner? John Roderick and Sean Nelson
Three Imaginary Girls, July 2006, as witnessed by igDana and igLiz

Interview with John Roderick of The Long Winters
Ashcan Rantings, 14 June 2006, by Charles

Billy Joel and Goldfish Sandwiches, four artists share their guilty, and not-so-guilty, pleasures
Seattle Weekly, 26 April 2006, by Brian J Barr

On the road again and again
The News Tribune, 17 February 2006, by Ernest A. Jasmin

Dancing about architecture
Stylus Magazine, The Stypod, 8 February 2006, by Theon Weber

The Long Winters Interview
Playing in Fog, posted on site February 2006, by Squid

The Long Winters: What's this song about?
CMJ, January 2006, by John Roderick

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SeattleNoise Spotlight: The Long Winters    audio
Seattle, 29 December 2005, by Ken Smith; 21:53 minutes, 20.04 MB
direct link to mp3.file

Regrets and a City, John Roderick Steers Through a History of Mishaps
Stranger, 29 December-4 January 2006, by Jennifer Maerz

Tales from a Brave Ulysses, XXVI. "Prodigal Thoughts w/ the Long Winters"
Three Imaginary Girls, 23 December 2005, by Joseph Riippi

Pop is dead! Long live Indiepop!
Mean Magazine, December 2005/January 2006, Vol.2 Issue 6, by Evan Endicott

Indie Interviews Episode 21: The Long Winters    audio
Indie Interviews, 6 December 2005, by Garrison Reid; 30 minutes, 21.13 MB

The DFG Interview: John Roderick of The Long Winters
Depraved Fangirls, 29 November 2005, by Michaela Dee

Sympathy for the Devil: Musicians on the Fence over DRM
Security IT Hub, 17 November 2005, by John Brandon

Dyslexic Art; The Long Winters, dusted off and deliciously nonsensical
River Front Times, 21 September 2005, by Mike Seely

John Roderick visits the Gibson showroom
Modern Guitars Magazine, 24 August 2005

John Roderick [of The Long Winters]
The Believer, June 2005, by Litsa Dremousis
link leads to first part of the interview, the whole article can be found on the Barsuk website as pdf-file

The Long Winters: seasons changing
Paste, Issue 16, June/July 2005, by Litsa Dremousis

"... and then she kissed me" | "... und dann küsste sie mich" Deutsch
Justmag, Jan/February 2005?, by Sebastian Dalkowski

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Indie rock serves as alternative to mainstream music
The Campanile, 11 October 2004, by Matthew Howard

John Roderick of The Long Winters, Seattle, WA
Left Off The Dial, 16 August 2004, by Lisa Town

Coffee with a Rockstar! John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants
Three Imaginary Girls, August 2004, by imaginary girl Liz
how The Long Winters were connected to the start of the threeimaginarygirls website

Phoenix blogger gets lost and finds a good place to watch live music, in Tucson
AZ Nightbuzz, 6 July 2004, by JB

Stock up on sweaters
Tucson Weekly, 17 June 2004, by Stephen Seigel

Long Winters' Roderick pulls out of cul-de-sac, Music Previews, 27 May 2004, by Shawn Connor

Warm spell, The Long Winters' catchy complexity
CBC Radio 3, 2.35, 7-13 May 2004, by Alex Bozikovic/photos by Lorne Bridgman

The Winters' tale
Washington Square News, 23 April 2004, by Mike Dougherty

Seattle's Blessed
Salt Lake City Weekly, 22 April 2004, by Jeff Inman

The Long Winters
Echo Online, 5 April 2004, by Dave Kargol

The Long Winters, La Segunda Opportunidad  Espanol
Mondosonoro, 9 January 2004, by Xavi Sánchez Pons

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The Long Winters
Ear Pollution, Features, 6 October 2003, by Craig Young

The Long Winters: music in the sky, 2 October 2003, by Kristin Rix

Under the influences
Los Angeles Times - Buzz Bands, 18 September 2003

John Roderick
Americana UK, 18 September 2003, by Barry Jones

Zinestand, Features: Magnet, The Long Winters
Insound, by Beth Wawema

Beginning to see the light, Long Winters
Magnet, no.60, Sep/Oct '03, by Scott Wilson

The Long Winters, Botschafter für Seattle Deutsch
Gaesteliste, 4 September 2003, by Ullrich Maurer

The Long Winters Nederlands
Oor, #18, 6 September 2003, by René Megens

The Long Winters in duet met South San Gabriel Nederlands
Rotterdams Dagblad, 19 August 2003, by Vincent Okker

Justify your existence: The Long Winters
The Onion, Volume 39 Issue 27, 16 July 2003

Falling Up; The Long Winters' John Roderick no longer trips on the path to enlightenment
Harp, Volume 3 / Number 9, June/July 2003, by Randy Harward

The Governor Maketh, The Long Winters' John Roderick Throws it Down
The Portland Mercury, 26 June-2 July 2003, by Joan Hiller

Springtime for Winters, Northwest pop rock with a romantic side
New York Press, Volume 16-Issue 24 June 2003, by Bob Powers

The Long Winters
Pulse of the Twin Cities, 18 June 2003, by Celeste Tabora

Top live shows
TimeOut New York, 5-12 June 2003, by Scott Schinder

Five chords and the truth Long Winters' Roderick keeps it simple, smart
The Journal News MusicLine, 5 June 2003, by Sean Glennon

Artless in Seattle: The Long Winters' indie sincerity
Zeek: Music, June 2003, by Bex Schwartz

Long Winters & Guests, 15 May 2003, by Monika Gaubinger
no longer available on, link will lead you to |  more quotes from the same interview

In the Graveyard of Grunge, New Life
New York Times, 22 April 2003, by Chris Nelson
If you cannot register, there's a text version in the salon

Art during wartime
Seattle Weekly, News, April 9-15 2003, by Leah Greenblatt et al

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The Divine Nine: Q and A with The Long Winters
Suite 101, 24 July 2002, by Adam McKibbin

The Long Winters
No-Nothing Rock, June 2002, by Michael K

The Best They Can Do: Seattle's The Long Winters Just Want Some Quiet In The Van
Flagpole, Spring 2002, by Heather Muse

The Long Winters
New York Press, Volume 15-Issue 18, 30 April 2002, by Bob Powers

Harm's Way
The Stranger, 21 February 2002, by Jeff DeRoche

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Looking forward to The Long Winters, Fall 2001?, by Michael Hukin

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