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album reviews for when i pretend to fall

WIPTF cover

"smart, catchy, near-perfect indie-rock" (New York Times)

"When I Pretend to Fall manages to be a welcome combination of optimistic and cynical." (Paste)

"The Long Winters' songs are deceptively simple, catchy but creative. The plonky electric piano-driven "Blue Diamonds" is a magnetic introduction to the album, but it's only when you really listen to the individual parts that you realize how much talent - and work - went into it." (Splendid)

If you don't know this album yet, the library recommends you listen to it first to fully enjoy reading these reviews. Because amazingly, almost every song on this album is praised to high heavens in at least one review, only to be burned to the ground in another.

75 or less, 9 Sep 2003, by Leslie

Allmusic, by MacKenzie Wilson, Sep 2003, by Bart Ebisch  Nederlands

Aversion, by Jeremy Walling

Bettawreckonize, by Paul Bugala

Blender, by Jason Cohen

Boston Phoenix, Issue May 23-29 2003, by Mark Woodlief

Boyfriend of the Week, by Meg Wood. Not a review in the classical sense... but a review nonetheless

CDhai, by Tina Manske  Deutsch

Citygigs, by Jeff Newman

CMJ, 19 May 2003, by Antonia Santangelo

Copacetic Zine, May 2003, by Janice

CultureDose net, 16 Mar 2004, by Dainon Moody

Delusions of Adequacy, 12 May 2003, by Eddie

Entertainment Weekly, by Rob Brunner
full review (i.e., two more sentences) can be read in the salon

Erasing Clouds, Issue 16, October 2003, by John Stacey

Garfunkel, 24 Aug 2003, by Rick de Gier  Nederlands

Indigo, date and author unknown  Deutsch

In Music We Trust, Issue 59, April/May 2003, by Alex Steininger

Insound, taken from AMG?

Kindamuzik, 26 November 2003, by Maurice Dielemans  Nederlands

Le Manchester, 29 Feb 2004, by Niclas Björkdal  Svenska

Mondosonoro, 9 Dec 2003, by Xavi Sánchez Ponch  Espanol

Moviepoopshoot, 20 May 2003, by David Thomas

Musikkguiden Groove.No, 23 Nov 2003, by Oddmund Berge  Norsk

Neumu, by Anders Smith Lindall

New York Press, Volume 16 Issue 24, June 2003, by Bob Powers

New York Times, 25 January 2004, by Neil Strauss
read this short review in the salon

Oor, #17, 23 Aug 2003, by René Meegens  Nederlands print only; link includes translation

Parool, 12 Aug 2003, by Dirk-Jan Arensman  Nederlands

Paste, Issue 6, by Joel Hartse

Pitchfork, 22 May 2003, Julianne Shepherd

Pittsburgh Live, 25 May 2003, by Regis Behe

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 23 May 2003, by Ed Masley

Plato Mania, nr. 180, 28 July 2003, by Marco van Ravenhorst  Nederlands

Popmatters, 29 April 2003, by Christine Di Bella

Portland Phoenix, Issue May 23-29 2003, by Mark Woodlief [identical to Boston Phoenix]

Providence Phoenix, Issue May 23-29 2003, by Mark Woodlief [identical to Boston Phoenix]

Pulse of the Twin Cities, 12 March 2003?, by Celeste Tabora

Rockbites, 30 June 2003

San Diego City Beat, Issue 43, 11 June 2003, by Dryw Keltz

Seattle Post Intelligencer, 6 May 2003, by Gene Stout

Splendid Magazine, 21 March 2003, by Sarah Zachrich

Sponic Zine, volume 13, by Rob Heater

The Stranger, May 8-14 2003, by Tizzy Asher

Synthesis, July 2003, by Max Sidman

Tiny Mix Tapes, by tamec

Valley Advocate, 22 May 2003, by Sean Glennon

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